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Why Life Insurance?

Life insurance is about protection.  It helps provide security for your loved ones when they need it most. 

Protecting your family with life insurance can help insure they do not face the added hardship and financial pressures should the unexpected happen.  The unexpected...Some would argue that death is inevitable, not unexpected.  In fact, they would be accurate, but when it happens pre-maturely….it is always unexpected.  It affects so many of us each and every day.  Yet, a life insurance study done by LIMRA International in September 2005 revealed that twenty-four million households have no life insurance protection at all.

Designing a Prudent Plan

Term life insurance has become the coverage of choice, as it provides pure death benefit protection for a specific period of time, usually 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.  Generally, it is less expensive than its counterpart, permanent insurance.  Whether term or permanent, either insurance can cover many different needs: 

  • Replace income of a wage earner
  • Cover financial responsibilities, such as a mortgage
  • Provide funds for college

With the proper planning, a life insurance portfolio can also be tailored to provide financial protection to cover business needs such as: 

  • Cover business debt
  • Fund a buy-sell agreement
  • Provide key person coverage

Customize Your Policy

Most life insurance companies offer additional benefits and riders that allow you to customize your policy to your specific needs.  Here are some of the most common benefits and riders: 

Waiver of Premium Rider¹

This rider covers your premium payments should you become disabled for six months or longer and meet specific conditions.  Premium payments for the policy would be waived; including all riders attached to the policy.

Protected Insurability Rider¹

As you face life's changing events, your responsibilities expand, income increases, assets build, and family grows.  So does the need for additional death benefit protection.  Designed primarily for the younger market, this rider provides the opportunity to increase coverage amounts at specified future dates without evidence of insurability.  With this rider, you can build in a degree of confidence that your policy will be able to meet your changing personal needs.  

Accidental Death Benefit Rider¹

This rider provides additional coverage that pays an additional benefit should you die as a result of a covered accident.

Terminal Illness/Accelerated Death Benefit Rider¹,²

This feature allows a portion of the death benefit to be paid in the event of a qualifying terminal illness and certain terms and conditions are met.   The early payment of a portion of the policy provides funds to help cope with the financial and emotional costs that may be associated with a terminal illness.

It’s so important to realize that life insurance is not for those who die….but for those who live on.

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1. Actual rider benefits and definitions may vary slightly from one insurance company to another.
2. Not available in all states.


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